In PHP, you can use built-in capabilities to convert image files from one extension to another extension. However, multiple page tiff to jpg thumbnail is a tricky one. Following code allows you to convert a multi-page TIFF file to JPG thumbnail. This conversion is usually required in those situations where you have to allow users to view a Fax document on a webpage. Since web browsers usually doesn’t support TIFF extensions. So you have to convert these documents to either JPG or PDF. Following code works for both situations.

  // Saving every page of a TIFF separately as a JPG thumbnail
  $images = new Imagick("testing.tif");
  foreach($images as $i=>$image) {
    // Providing 0 forces thumbnail Image to maintain aspect ratio
    echo "<img src='page$i.jpg' alt='images' ></img>";
catch(Exception $e)
  echo $e->getMessage();
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2 Responses to Converting Multipage TIFF file to JPG/GIF in PHP

  1. shamsuddin says:

    where to get this Imagick function.

  2. sourcecodemania says:

    You’ll need to install ImageMagick extension for PHP.

    Simple way to install ImageMagick on linux centos machine:

    # yum install ImageMagick*
    # pecl install imagick

    # echo “” >> /etc/php.ini
    #service httpd restart

    On windows, you’ll need to install the appropriate image magick from here

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