Installing WAMP Server

You can download a free copy of the WAMP5 Server from the WAMP Server home page. Download the most recent version of the server into a folder on your hard drive. The file name will be similar to wamp5_1.43.exe. Locate the downloaded file and double click the file to launch the installation.

The WAMP5 Setup Wizard will appear. Click Next. Once you installed wamp server, you need to start it.

To Start WAMP Server
Start>All Programs>WAMP server OR an icon appearing to right side of the task bar

To Test your web server is running or not?
Open Web Browser and write following in the URL Address: http://localhost
If your get a PHP info web page, that means your wamp server is installed successfully. Now you are ready to write PHP hello world code.
Writing your First PHP Program
Create a new PHP file in Dreamweaver or open notepad and save file with .php extension e.g. first.php. Write the following code in your file:

  echo “Hello World”;


Save your file inside the www folder of wamp installation directory e.g. c:\wamp\www\first.php
Running your First PHP Program
Now run your file from localhost as given below:
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