IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a generic term that refers to the interaction of an automated system with a caller via a telephone keypad. There are a lot of visual dialplan writers and IVR designers available in the commercial circuit of telecommunication industry. Most of them are desktop applications which require users to download and install first. Some of them require heavy configuration as well in order to work properly. This configuration could be on the users machine or on the server side. Once you are done with configuration, now you are able to develop your IVR designs. As a user or IVR designer, you might not want to indulge in those configurations. Following is a brief list of IVR designers:

  • Anveo Visual Call Flow Designer
  • SafiServer
  • AstrIVR
  • Voicent IVR Studio
  • Visual Dialplan for Asterisk

Following picture will give you an idea about what we have been doing.

Yes, we are also working on an IVR designer. But why? Because in the current age of web 2.0, everything has moved to world wide web (from a simple reminder application to an ERP system of multi-continent organization). So why should the telecommunication industry be left behind in adopting these trends. Some of the latest development in client-side frameworks or libraries like JQuery UI, RaphaelJS, and SVG standards have really made a way through to developing interactive, lightweight graphical applications. Since IVRs are also represented in the form of graphical diagrams or charts. It has utimately led us to develop an application in RaphaelJS for IVR Designing.

Raphael JS is a SVG based and lightweight JavaScript framework. It lets you draw vector graphics in your browser. I have been using RaphaelJS for last six months (from August, 2011) and it’s absolutely fascinating. I have been working on a task to develop an IVR designer for Asterisk server in RaphaelJS. What I have come up with the user interface in Raphael JS is really brilliant.

But this is just not the end. Its the beginning of developing high quality client side graphical framework. Specially, in telecommunication and VOIP industry, there has always been great demand of such light weight powerful tools that can give clients a desktop like experience and response. We are also creating a toolbar of applications in RaphaelJS that would satisfy our needs for developing IVRs. This whole application has been integrated with ICTBroadcast.

It is definitely the beginning of developing high quality client side graphical frameworks. With IVR application designer module, users can now dynamically create their own call flows based on their own requirements. So data can be extracted from a database or external files (e.g. Recorded voice messages) and can be played
over the phone.

Again, this IVR Designer has successfully been integrated into ICTBroadcast, that is a product of ICTInnovations.

This is a brief introduction to our work in RaphaelJS and it might give some indication about the strengths of RaphaelJS. In coming days, I am planning to conduct a series of lectures on RaphaelJS for you. So be with us. :-)

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