C++ Programming Language – Lecture Slides

These lecture slides are for the person who has basic programming skills in C programming language. The topics covered in this tutorial are Object-oriented programming, classes, contructors, destructors, DMA, friend functions, operator overloading, polymorphism, inheritance, templates and exceptions.

Lecture 01 – Introduction to C++ Object Oriented Programming
Lecture 02 – Pointers, Arrays, Dynamic Memory Allocation
Lecture 03 – Structures and Classes introduction
Lecture 04 – Constructors
Lecture 05 – Destructors and Objects as arguments
Lecture 06 -Memory and Classes, Returning objects, this pointer and static
Lecture 07 – using const keyword
Lecture 08 – DMA in classes, Strings
Lecture 09 – Using friend keyword
Lecture 10 -Operator Overloading-1
Lecture 11 – Operator Overloading-2
Lecture 12 – Operator Overloading-3
Lecture 13 – Inheritance-1
Lecture 14 – Inheritance-2
Lecture 15 – Inheritance-3
Lecture 16 – Polymorphism-1
Lecture 17 – Polymorphism-2
Lecture 18 – Abstract Classes
Lecture 19 – Exceptions
Lecture 20 – Composition vs. Inheritance
Lecture 21 – Templates
Lecture 22 – Class Templates
Lecture 23 – File Handling


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