Voice broadcasting is a mass communication technique that broadcasts telephone (recorded or live messages) calls to hundreds or thousands of call recipients at once. This technology has both commercial and community applications like Tele-marketing, Surveys, Voting, Debt control, Appointment reminder, information dissemination etc.

Voice broadcast systems manage a database of phone lists as well as digitally-recorded phone messages. There are so many commercial/proprietary solutions and services available that can provide voice broadcasting for large to medium scale companies. These softwares usually fulfill ROI for large scale companies. However, small and medium scale companies may not afford such costly solutions. If we analyze the cost associated with such solutions, this starts with the software license cost, gateway cost, and then per call cost. This whole marketing campaign is a game of thousands (or even tens of thousands) of dollars. That might not be affordable for the small and medium scale companies. This whole scenario creates a need for the open source voice broadcasting softwares.

In this article, we’ll list top 3 open source voice broadcasting solutions.

1. ICTDialer

ICTDialer is very promising open source voice broadcasting platform. ICTDialer is developed over Drupal and Freeswitch based powerful Plivo Communication Framework . It can be scaled to blast thousands of simultaneous calls using either VoIP, Foip or PSTN. ICTDialer capable to fit in many broadcasting and telemarketing scenarios. ICTDialer is developed and maintained by ICTInnovations.

2. Newfies Dialer

Newfies-Dialer is a voice broadcast application designed and built to automate the delivery of interactive phone calls to contacts, clients and the general public. A Newfies-Dialer Voice Broadcasting Platform is assembled entirely from free and open source components including FreeswitchDjango,  PlivoCelery and RabbitMQ. Newfies Dialer is developed and maintained by Star2Billing.

3. Vicidial

Vicidial is actually a Call Center solution that can be extended to use as an open source voice broadcasting platform. Vicidial is designed to interact with the Asterisk at a client computer level to extend the functionality of phone and system. VICIDIAL call center system includes a predictive dialer that can be added to Asterisk and is highly configurable with detailed logging. VICIDIAL can dial predictively and can also work with inbound calls as well as outbound calling :-)

Comparison of Newfies Dialer, ICTDialer and Vicidial

Here we will compare the features, pros and cons of each of these open source technology.


Scalability of voice broadcasting communication softwares can be measured in terms of how many calls per second (or per hour) the system can initiate without crashing. Newfies-dialer claims that it uses distributed message passing to make millions of calls per day via multiple instances of Freeswitch. ICTDialer on the other hand supports only one instance of Freeswitch. However, it does support Front-end and back-end to be on the separate machines. This feature of ICTDialer allows it to blast thousands of simultaneous calls using VOIP or PSTN. Vicidial also supports only one instance of Asterisk that makes it scalable to hundreds of calls.

Ease of Installation

Newfies Dialer is certainly not easier to setup but it does comes with lots of options. However, its comprehensive documentation helps beginners, systems integrators and developers alike. ICTDialer has a web based installer for the front end that just requires simple clicks where as its backend (Freeswitch and Plivo) is also as easy as typing couple of lines on the command line. Vicidial requires some 10-15 command line executions. However, if you want the astGUI for Vicidial web client you might need some additional commands.

Ease of Use

Newfies Dialer and ICTDialer support campaign paradigm for voice broadcasting. So these two are not difficult to understand and a person with little background with broadcasting can easily use these softwares. However, Vicidial is somewhat different in approach because its actually developed for call centers not voice broadcasting.

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  1. Musa zargar says:


    Sorry but i differ to say that you are wrong in case of ictdialer. These guys suck. Their open source solution actually never works. Just a hoax to market their costly commercial version of ictdialer. They are simply pathetic.

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